Why do we keep driving into the same high water areas?

Date: 2021-10-02 20:14:15

It seems so simple.

When it rains hard in Abilene, it floods.

We all know the suspect areas. South 14th near Barrow Street, for one.

And our underpasses.

Yet, people drive into those areas. And then there’s trouble.

They don’t stay put until the rain and water subside. They don’t take alternative routes, or side streets.

They launch into flooded areas like Washington across the Delaware. 

But he was in a boat. Drivers are not.

All our rain at once

Abilene went from parched to pools of water Thursday afternoon when a 15% chance of mid-afternoon rain made a 100% wreck of the city. That caught us off guard, considering previous better chances of rain brought us nothing.

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