Weather: SEPA issues flood warning for Ayrshire and Arran

Date: 2021-10-29 11:30:30

Residents of Ayrshire have been warned to prepare for the next rainy weekend as heavy rains can consume much of the region over the next few days.

From today to sunday [October 29-31]Rainfall is expected to plague the borders with Ayrshire and Alan, and western Scotland.

Dumfries’ River Nith ruptures embankments, bridges are washed away, homes are evacuated, and other extreme scenes like those seen yesterday are “unlikely”, but surface water floods do not occur. There is a warning that it may be. Usually easy to cause it.

Flood warnings continue to be issued in Ayrshire and Alan.

Marc Franklin, Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s Flood Obligation Manager, said: Lothian.

“It’s unlikely to be as extreme as yesterday, but there’s a risk of confusion as it rains in areas that are already saturated and more rain is expected on weekends.

“There was a very high level of rainfall yesterday, and SEPA’s Bride Kirk Observatory in Annan recorded the largest event in about 50 years.

“Local floods to lowlands and roads, travel interruptions, and floods in parts of the community can continue, and we continue to closely monitor the situation with our partners.

“Regional flood warnings are being implemented and local flood warnings will continue to be issued as needed.

“People living and working in the affected areas are encouraged to plan their essential journeys and consider the steps they should take now to prepare.”

He continued. “Remember that the situation can change rapidly and water levels can rise rapidly with little warning, as the effects of floods from small and small waterways can also occur. ”

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