Flood facts: Be prepared. Protect your valuables

As climate change continues to deliver unprecedented global weather events, flood-prone regions are bracing for ever-worsening natural disasters.

While flood events are now an inevitable fact of life, the consequences don’t have to be. Both individuals and communities suffer the loss of life, property damage, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, and waterborne diseases.

The good news is there are innovative products to help reduce their impact.

Greater than


of natural disasters in the last 10 years are due to floods, droughts and severe storms*

More than


million people were affected globally between 1998-2020*

Over USD


trillion in storm-related losses between 1998-2020*

Introducing the Krisis Flood Bag

Pack it | Zip it | Leave it

Krisis Flood Bag protects valued belongings and critical business information from damaging floodwaters.

This new Australian innovative watertight bag has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and is completely impermeable to water intrusion.

Krisis Flood Bag is a reliable and cost-effective new way to protect irreplaceable and valuable business and personal belongings.


How does the Krisis Flood Bag work?

The watertight bags are available in several sizes: Handy, Standard, and Super. Before a flood, simply fill the bag with your goods, zip it up, and leave. This new Australian innovation will save you thousands in avoidable property damage.

What are the Benefits of the Krisis Flood Bag?

While flood events are inevitable, the consequences don’t have to be. The use of new and innovative products, such as Krisis Bag provides a range of benefits.

Peace of mind. Know your valuables are protected from flood damage

Reliable. Independently tested for quality and substantiation

Krisis Flood Bag is available in three sizes, allowing for a wide range of items to be protected

Compact design allows for easy storage

Durability, featuring a 10-year lifespan

Cost-effective and affordable solution

Our corporate partnerships

The product Krisis Flood Bag is being made available through several insurance companies and government agencies. If you’d like to register your interest in learning more and supplying Krisis Flood Bags to your customer or community, contact our team today.

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