UK on flood alert as torrential rain HAMMERS Britain, according to the Met Office.

Date: 2021-09-27 03:33:40

UK on flood alert as torrential rain HAMMERS Britain, according to the Met Office.

THE MET OFFICE has issued new weather warnings for areas of the UK ahead of a rainy day.

As low pressure rolls across the UK today, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain in southern and eastern England. The warning is in effect for London, Brighton, Peterborough, and Norwich until 9 p.m. today evening.

“An area of heavy rain, with thunder in a few spots, is forecast to travel northeastwards across portions of southern and eastern England,” the warning adds.

“Around 15-25 mm of rain is expected across the board, with some areas experiencing up to 40 mm in only a few hours.

“The rain should ease later in the day before clearing up for the most part after dusk.”

In the impacted locations, it warns of possible flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

As the day progresses, flooding of houses and businesses, as well as probable public transportation disruptions, are all possibilities.

There are currently no flood alerts issued by the Flood Warning Service, however this website will continue to update this report throughout the day.

The warning was modified within the last hour because the rain is expected to dissipate sooner than forecast.

“Notice area pulled southeastwards,” the latest warning adds (removed from parts of northern and western England but extended to more of the south and southeast).

“Suggested consequences have been decreased to reflect the projected lower rainfall levels. “Clearance time has been accelerated.”

The heavy rain band has started in the warning’s southern parts and is likely to spread north during the day.

The rain will progressively fade to the north of this band, but a vast portion of northern England and the far south of Scotland will experience light rain or drizzle for the majority of the day.

Following a week of pleasant summer temperatures, the UK has seen a return of rain.

The rest of Tuesday is expected to be cloudy with cool temperatures, according to NetWeather.

“Most of the country will remain cloudy, but it will brighten up over Wales and south-west England, with the clear, sunny weather currently over west Wales and Cornwall slowly moving north and east, also spreading across southern England, especially near the English Channel coast,” according to forecaster Ian Simpson.

“Temperatures will be on the low side with plenty of overcast and some rain for most.”Brinkwire Summary News”.

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