Trick or treat warning before Halloween

Date: 2021-10-29 14:26:28

As children excitedly prepare for a day of creepy costumes, tricks and treats, Victorian health authorities are warning those celebrating Halloween to keep their distance to avoid COVID-19 transmission among unvaccinated kids.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is urging parents and children to stick to the public health rules on Sunday, especially since those aged under 12 aren’t yet eligible for a COVID vaccine.

“On trick or treating, we know it’s becoming increasingly popular every year in Australia. Bear in mind that kids under 12 can’t be vaccinated and do make up a not-insignificant proportion of our new cases every day,” he told reporters on Friday.

“So keep your distance, be outside as much as possible, offer individually wrapped treats if you can – if you’re offering treats from your home.”

Professor Sutton added: “And make sure door knockers stay outside.”

He reminded anyone planning to hold a Halloween party at home to “stick to the rules” and only allow up to 10 visitors inside their homes each day.

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