Strong winds and heavy rain through tomorrow

Date: 2021-11-15 05:50:36

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a windy and sloppy day across the region. High wind warnings have been issued for parts of the North Sound and along the Coast. These warnings will go into effect for the North Sound tomorrow. The high winds will ramp up late tomorrow morning with sustained winds between 35-45 mph. This could be damaging because wind gusts could reach up to 65 mph for parts of the area. Widespread power outages are possible so be vigilant!

In the meantime, wind advisories remain in effect across the lowlands. It will be windy through the night and gusts will exceed 40 mph at times.

As the *Weather Alert Day* continues tomorrow, heavy rain will also be a factor. This has already caused multiple flood warnings to continue this evening. We’re even looking at some historic river flooding across the North Sound. Rain totals will range between 2″-4″ for most of us across the lowlands with isolated areas ranging between 4″-6″ (mainly north).

As the rain continues to accumulate, the landslide threat elevates. The ground is very saturated and so our risk for mudslides and landslides continues. Use caution while you’re out in this weather and pay attention to your surroundings.

It was a warm and muggy one for us today as temperatures peaked in the lower 60s. That was near our record high of 65 degrees. When the rain increases tomorrow, the temperatures will drop! This will be a bit of shock to those who are going to be out during the day. It’ll be warmer in the morning than on your commute home as the temperatures fall into the 40s during the afternoon. 

This chilly weather will be greeted with some sunshine on Tuesday! Make sure you watch out for those overnight lows though. They’ll fall into the 30s and we’ll get close to freezing Wednesday morning!

I wanted to leave you with a quick look at our snow levels. As the temperatures drop tomorrow, so does our snow level! We could see some nice flakes across the passes Monday night – Tuesday morning. 

Stay safe out there and use caution while out and about!

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