Some Triad auto body shops busy after winter weather damage

Date: 2022-01-05 06:09:20

(WGHP) — Some Triad auto body shops reported an increase in calls on Tuesday morning following winter weather damage and crashes on Monday. 

High Point Body and Paint Owner Chris Collins told FOX8 between 8 to 10 people had already called for estimates by Tuesday afternoon. 

“A lot of people calling wanting to get an estimate for wind damage,” he said. “(I) had a gentleman come by this morning…his basketball goal blew over and damaged his truck and his wife’s car at the same time.”  

Surveillance video captured a tree crashing into a Greensboro family’s SUV Monday. Additionally, a 19-year-old driver reported hitting a slick spot that sent him into a ditch. 

Collins said parts shortages could mean a longer wait to get drivers back on the road, especially for newer vehicles. 

“Depends on the year of the vehicle. Depends on the severity of the damage. We’re having some parts issues. You can use your resources and find parts sometimes pretty quick, but it just depends. There are some cars that are taking a long time,” he explained.  

With more winter storms possible this season, Collins shared this warning for owners: 

“Keep it away from trees, powerlines if you can. Some people are limited on their space, even their outdoor space. Just pay attention to your surroundings.” 

At least two other Triad body shops told us they were too busy to take new customers, and they were only taking appointments for February or March.  

One employee said both a shortage of parts and labor was to blame. 

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