Krisis Flood Bags

Krisis Bag is a practical solution with a range of watertight bags to protect your home and business contents from the devastation of flooding.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and completely impermeable to water intrusion, Krisis Bag is a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of floods.

Our Range

The Krisis Bag is available in three sizes, depending on your requirements: Handy, Standard, and Super.

Explore each bag option below:

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  • Handy Krisis Flood Bag


    The Handy Krisis Flood Bag is designed to cater for small electrical and nonelectrical items and can be placed inside a larger size Krisis Bag for extra protection.

    Dimensions: 1.6ft × 1.6ft × 1.6ft (4.4 ft³)
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