SES issues Barwon River flood warning for Winchelsea, Inverleigh

Date: 2021-10-01 09:25:17

Warnings were issued to Inverleigh and Winchelsea, the Burwon River reached 6 meters, and floods struck the Ricketts Wetlands.

SES warns that a flood could occur in Geelong next week.

Southwestern mission officer Ken Smith said Friday night that the Burwon River in the Ricketts Wetlands had risen 6 meters and had moderate floods.

“Floods can occur downstream of Winchelsea and Inverleigh, and small floods can occur downstream of Geelong during Monday,” Smith said.

“The Victorian Emergency Service (VICSES) has received 22 requests for assistance throughout the southwestern region over the past 24 hours, including fallen trees, floods and minor damage to buildings.

“We warn people not to drive, ride or play in flood waters, drive according to road conditions, and be aware of fallen trees and other road hazards.

“If there is enough rainfall, a” flash flood “event can occur. This is when heavy rains cause floods to rise and fall rapidly in unexpected locations such as residential areas and highways. “

Smith said driving on flooded roads is dangerous.

“Keep informed about weather and forecasts on the Bureau of Meteorology website at, and emergency alerts via the VicEmergency app,” he said.

at first Inverleigh Flood Warning for Winchelsea on the Burwon River

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