Perth heatwave breaks record for four consecutive days over 40C

Date: 2021-12-28 16:01:05

A sweltering heatwave impacting Western Australia will go down in history as one of the state’s most extreme weather events.

A sweltering heatwave impacting large parts of Western Australia will go down in history as one of the hottest ever.

Perth metro has recorded four consecutive days over 40C for the first time in December and just the third time on record.

Starting on Saturday, the mercury topped 42.8C followed by 43.5C on Sunday, 41.0C on Monday and 40.7C as evening fell on Tuesday.

The only other times the city has experienced such an event were February 2016 and the same month way back in 1933.

Temperatures are set to ease over the coming days, bringing cooler sea breezes to the coastal southwest including Perth.

As WA residents tried to stay cool over Christmas, an astounding 24 temperature records were broken across the state.

They included a mix of the hottest day, hottest December day and hottest Christmas.

As conditions ease for much of WA later this week, experts are predicting “severe heatwave” conditions to build across southeast Australia.

A heatwave occurs when maximum and minimum temperatures are unusually hot over a three-day period.

Originally published as Perth records hottest run of December weather ever

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