We provide innovative watertight storage solutions

The Krisis Flood Bag is an innovative solution for insurance companies, government agencies, corporations and non for-profit organisations. If offers a smart solution to clients whilst making a real difference to the outcomes of those impacted by floods in flood prone or high-risk areas.

As climate change continues to deliver unprecedented global weather events, flood-prone regions are bracing for ever-worsening natural disasters.

Whilst we cannot stop floods, the team at Krisis Flood Bag has found a solution to reduce the devastation on people, their homes, and their livelihoods. Join us and make a difference to those impacted by floods.


Insurance Agencies

Krisis Protections has developed the unique Krisis Flood Bag to protect home and business content from the devastating impacts of floods. This means;

– Policyholders no longer have to return to their homes to find they’ve lost everything.

– Insurance companies no longer have to foot the bill to replace everything.

Not-for-profit Oranisations

Climate change is leading to increased frequency and severity of flood events. This is creating instability for the world’s most vulnerable. Krisis Protection seeks charitable partnerships to deliver Krisis Flood Bags to those in need. Working together, we are helping to strengthen communities’ resilience by protecting essential items vital for survival such as food and medicine.

Government Agencies

Krisis Bags will allow the Government agencies to:

– Deliver meaningful action on floods today.

– Be the first to invest in an Australian-owned solution on to a global problem.

– Be a proactive leader in reducing hardship.

– Offer an additional level of community flood protection.

– Reinforce commitment to disaster mitigation.

– Reduce consumption, waste and cost from disposal and replacement of damaged content.

– Allow flood victims to recover faster by protecting household necessities.

– Improve the lives of citizens by helping prevent emotional and financial pain.

Corporate Organisations

Krisis Flood Bags have the potential for a huge positive social impact. Be part of this significant positive impact by partnering with Krisis Protection to help communities protect their livelihoods and the things that matter most, ensuring the foundation of human dignity and opportunity.

Wholesalers and distributors

Be part of the innovative and progressive solution to a global problem. Krisis Protection is looking to work with retail wholesalers and distributors online and offline to deliver and implement Krisis Flood Bags to markets globally.

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