NSW, Victoria, Tasmania set for rain and storms over the weekend

Date: 2022-01-14 04:35:47

Severe thunderstorms are set to lash Australia’s east coast before torrential downpours, as a result of ex-tropical cyclone Tiffany hitting the coast.

Thousands of people across Australia’s east coast are being warned about oncoming showers and storms as torrential downpours threaten to dampen weekend plans, with flood warnings in place for multiple states.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected to hit NSW and Victoria on Friday and into the weekend, following a week of hot and humid conditions.

A low pressure system and surface trough that extended across eastern South Australia during the week has pushed the rain into western parts of Victoria, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned.

The severe storms are moving through western Victoria on Friday before the wet weather travels across the southwest, central and northeast later in the evening.

The BOM issued a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of Gippsland on Friday afternoon, with heavy rainfall expected into the early evening.

“It may lead to flash flooding,” BOM said.

As the mercury tips to a sweltering 32C in Melbourne, the city will endure hot and humid conditions with 15-33mm of rain.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Dean Narramore said the thunderstorms could product dangerous flooding, destructive winds and “giant hail”.

The rain isn’t expected to stay in Melbourne long, with cooler conditions expected on Saturday along with light showers, before temperatures rise again to 27C for Sunday.

The weather system will move across and up into eastern parts of Victoria and NSW by Saturday.

“To the east of the storm is a very humid and unstable air coming in off of the Coral and Tasman seas, which is bringing those really moist and humid conditions we’ve had pretty much all summer through NSW and Queensland,” Mr Narramore said.

“That‘s driving the thunderstorms we are expecting.”

The BOM has issued localised and isolated minor flood warnings for parts of Gippsland, the southwest and northeast due to the heavy rain and storms.

While Sydney is enjoying a sunny Friday following overnight showers, temperatures are expected to remain in the high 20s before the storms eventually roll in on Saturday.

Mr Narramore said thunderstorms had “erupted” through southwestern parts of NSW on Thursday and are expected to hit Sydney and the coast on Friday night.

“Large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall is possible,” he said.

Minor flood warnings are in place for the Bogan River, Lachlan River and Murrumbidgee River, while minor to moderate warnings are in place for the Culgoa and Bokhara Rivers, and major warnings for the Barwon and Darling Rivers.

There are also minor flood warnings for Mirrool Creek and the Snowy River.

Sydney may get a slight reprieve from the rain on Sunday as the result of a weak southerly change, before moisture from ex-tropical cyclone Tiffany brings more rain next week to Brisbane and parts of NSW.

Tiffany moved across the base of the Top End on Wednesday and Thursday before drifting southeast and into low-hanging troughs on the mainland.

Brisbane is expected to see sunny skies and temperatures in the low 30s before some moisture is predicted on Sunday.

Showers are set to remain in the Queensland capital for most of the week.

Hobart is also looking at a wet weekend with showers developing from Friday right through to next week as the final Ashes Test is underway on Friday.

Mr Narramore said there would be “hit and miss showers” for the island state.

“Probably more common in the afternoon and evenings, but definitely they could be around anytime,” he said.

He said Hobart is facing the chance of a thunderstorm on Saturday, however such an event would be isolated before passing through.

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