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Date: 2021-10-02 05:02:08

Burst of wintry winds and showers heading to SA

Brett Dutschke, 2 October 2021

South Australia can expect a burst of strong colder wintry winds, showers, small hail and a few thunderstorms during the next few days, sending many inside this long weekend.

Wind and showers will reach their peak on Monday when the wind has its greatest potential to reach damaging strength. Residents are advised to keep an eye out for warnings for severe winds. With the wind chill factor becoming a big deal, sheep graziers can also expect warnings. Sheep (and humans) will be saying to each other ‘this feels more like 13 degrees, not the 17 degrees that thermometer reads’.

Likely strong, showery winds and temperatures at about midday Monday 

Even Sunday is looking a bit wintry, with those braving the showery winds expect it to feel colder than 15 degrees all day in most areas.

Luckily for those attending Sunday’s big footy grand final (not that one somewhere in Queensland), the showers look like clearing in time for the game. If you’re heading to the Woodville-West Torrens v Glenelg SANFL premiership decider at Adelaide Oval leave the umbrella at home, just bring a coat, hat, and scarfe. A ridge of high pressure should force showers to the southeast of the state in a timely manner.

Likely dry, breezy, but not-so-cold winds during the SANFL Grand Final. Note: nearest significant showers between Meningie and Coonalpyn

The umbrella only becomes handy again from about 8pm when the next cold front begins to impact. This is the front is the one which promises a wintry Sunday night and Monday.

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