New Year’s Eve forecast for SEQ as tropical low drenches far north

Date: 2021-12-29 10:45:20

“It will be a little bit more treacherous than usual. Wind-wise it probably won’t be quite pleasant to be trying to wet a line this weekend.”

However, there was some uncertainty about what the system would do, Mr Blazak said.

“We’ve got it moving off the coast Thursday night and then really beyond Saturday we’ve just got to keep a watch on it at this stage,” he said.

“We have it as a low chance of developing into a tropical cyclone, technically it means a less than 20 per cent change of turning into a cyclone, but we’ll be watching it around the clock.

“There will be a few showers around pushing in from the coast. The closer to the coastal fringe, the more you’ll see, also further north, so from the Sunshine Coast to Bundaberg could see that heavier shower activity.

“Brisbane itself – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few showers lurking around on New Year’s Eve, but I wouldn’t say they’d be long-lasting or sustained showers.”

A flood warning remains in place for the Cape York Peninsula, coastal catchments between Cooktown and Proserpine and parts of the Gulf Country.

The western coast of the Cape York Peninsula could also record abnormally high tides, while Weipa has reported a tide 70 centimetres above the highest tide of the year.

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