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Date: 2021-12-05 01:57:30

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Showers may have eased on Sunday but authorities have warned Queensland’s flood-hit areas that heavy rain is set to return. There were only isolated showers in southern parts of the state that have already been inundated, with floodwaters easing and the clean-up beginning in earnest in border towns. However a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for central Queensland where the township of Theodore could be hit hard overnight. And the Bureau of Meteorology warned heavy rain was expected to return mid-week to the three areas of concern in Queensland – the Dawson River near Theodore, the swollen Macintyre River around Goondiwindi and the Condamine River at the township of Condamine. “For the areas currently in major flooding the rain will return on Wednesday with widespread rainfall unlike today where it was very isolated,” BOM meteorologist Shane Kennedy told AAP. The Macintyre River peaked at 10.43 metres at Goondiwindi in the state’s southwest border on Saturday before starting to recede overnight, and was at about 10.10 metres on Sunday afternoon. It’s the biggest flood in a decade for the town. BOM forecaster Andy Barnes told AAP the Macintyre River would remain above the major flood level through to Monday. Goondiwindi mayor Lawrence Springborg said some some properties downstream of the town towards Mungindi, could be cut off for a month. “Resilience is being cut off by floodwaters for two weeks or more than a month, and these people survive that,” he told AAP. Mr Springborg advised people in the path of the slow-moving flood to make their way to the nearest town to stock up on essentials. While 90 fire and emergency services personnel are ready to be deployed, along with three helicopters, he said resupply by air should be an exception. Roads to Goondiwindi from the east should open in the next 48 hours but the town is likely to remain cut off in other directions. “The big challenge now is that our infrastructure is severely damaged, the roads were seriously knocked about before this, now they are extensively damaged,” Mr Springborg said. Emergency services on Sunday turned their attention to the towns of Cecil Plains, Surat, Condamine and Talwood. The Weir River at Talwood is set to surpass the major flood level of 4 metres on Monday and up to 4.50 metres on Tuesday, surpassing the 1998 flood peak of 4.36 metres. Besides the Macintrye and Weir Rivers, major flood warnings remained in place for the Condamine, Balonne and Dawson Rivers on Sunday afternoon. Along the Condamine River major flooding is set to continue between Ranges Bridge and the Condamine township with water levels to rise along the Balonne River at Warkon and Surat. Along the Dawson River, major flooding is occurring at Baralaba and is expected at Theodore where floodwaters are expected to peak at 12.2 metres overnight. Moderate warnings have been issued for the Bulloo, Moonie and Paroo rivers. Meanwhile, the clean-up continues in the border towns of Inglewood and Texas. Crews had conducted 352 building assessments by Saturday, with two properties found to be severely damaged, 15 moderately damaged and 105 suffering minor issues. Meanwhile, authorities conducted seven swift water rescues, including saving a stranded motorist in Cecil Plains, while the State Emergency Service has responded to 27 calls for help in the last 24 hours. Australian Associated Press


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