Minor flood warning for parts of Bellingen, Thora | The Macleay Argus

Date: 2022-01-05 21:35:46

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Moderate to heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours across the Bellinger catchment has led to river level rises at Thora where minor flooding is expected this morning (January 6). River levels at Bellingen are likely to remain below the minor flood level. Thora The Bellinger River at Thora is expected to exceed the minor flood level of three metres around 7am Thursday. The river level may reach around 3.20 metres 1pm with minor flooding. The State Emergency Services (SES) said based on the prediction provided by the Bureau of Meteorology it is expected the following areas will be impacted by dangerous floodwaters: Residents of low-lying areas near the river should keep an active watch on the flood waters. Keep in contact with your neighbours. Farmers on low lying land close to rivers and creeks are urged to monitor livestock, pumps and other equipment. Waste and chemical containers should be located well above predicted flood levels. Never walk, drive, play or ride through floodwaters. If it’s flooded, forget it. Motorists should avoid driving through flood waters, which may have washed away road surfaces and could be deeper or faster-flowing than they look.


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