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Minneapolis (WCO) – Saturday is shaping up to be a brisk day with weather, with the potential for rain and extreme weather throughout the state. Here’s a look at the weather alerts that are currently active in Minnesota right now.


Update (11:25 PM) – Some counties across southwestern Minnesota have been dropped from severe thunderstorm observation and cleared of hail, damaging wind and hurricane threat but not flash flood risk. The rest of the provinces in pink are exposed to a severe thunderstorm until 12 am

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Update (11:00 PM) – Another flash flood warning has been issued for Dickinson, Jackson, Ossola and Cottonwood counties as of 3:15 a.m.

Update (10:20 PM) – A flash flood warning was issued for Nobles, Murray, Lyon, Ossola, Cottonwood and Jackson counties until 2:00 a.m., and another hurricane warning was issued, this time for Brown County until 10:45 p.m.

Update (8 AD) – A number of other counties were under severe thunderstorm warnings Saturday evening, and others were under flash flood warnings as storms continued to roll over a patch of Minnesota that had seen very little rain for much of the previous summer.

Xcel Energy says about 2,000 customers in southwestern Minnesota have been experiencing blackouts, and a few hundred have experienced blackouts in the southwestern Twin Cities metro area.

Meanwhile, the NWS says that “a cluster of storms in southwestern Minnesota showed a potential increase in damaging winds.” Lisa Meadows, a meteorologist with the World Disaster Organization, has a severe thunderstorm observation across major parts of southern Minnesota.

WCCO has collected photos from a Westbrook resident that showed the extent of damage to their property after a storm swept through Saturday evening.

(Image source: Paul Jones)

(Image source: Paul Jones)

Baseball-sized hail has been reported in areas such as Appleton and Melrose.

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More storms are expected to move through southern Minnesota later this evening.

Update (2:30 PM) – A tornado watch that was issued for areas of eastern Minnesota has been cancelled.

Update (12:55 PM) – Anoka, Wright, and Hennepin County may soon see thunderstorms streaming through the area.

A storm in central Minnesota — near Brainerd and Alexandria — brought hail and winds and worked up the atmosphere enough to reduce the overall threat of a second round of severe weather, according to meteorologist Mike Augustinak. However, Augustinak says that the storms that develop west of the metro area and in the Minnesota River Valley are in a richer environment. These storms will likely remain less severe, meaning they won’t use up abundant thunderstorm fuel, but the front later Saturday evening will be running on thunderstorm fuel, with the severe weather threat still in place until at least 10 p.m.

Update (12:30 PM) – Thunderstorm watch expired in western Minnesota, tornado warnings issued for Benton and Mill Lake counties as of 12:45 p.m.

Meteorologist Mike Augustiniak reports that significant damage is likely due to a severe thunderstorm and possibly a storm moving through Melaka, en route to Princeton. The storm will likely produce baseball-sized hail and winds of 75 miles per hour.

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A line of non-severe thunderstorms will move through the northern and western metros over the next hour. These storms are likely to intensify over time, according to Augustiniak.

Update (10:35 a.m.) Tornado watch issued for Aitken, Anoka, Benton, Carlton, Carver, Chisago, Crewe Wing, Dakota, Hennepin, Esante, Kanapec, McLeod, Mille Lacs, Payne, Ramsay, Scott, Sherborne, Washington, and Wright counties until 4 p.m. Parts of northwest Wisconsin also have hurricane watch.


Mornings started out sunny in the Twin Cities, and temperatures were in the 70s. Areas south of the metro also woke up to the sun.

However, thunderstorms are flowing in the western part of the state. A severe thunderstorm is in effect in western Minnesota until noon, and Ortonville saw hail-sized marbles the size of a ping-pong around 8 a.m. Saturday.

Scattered thunderstorms will spread more widely later in the afternoon and into the evening. In the Twin Cities, wet weather can start around 2pm, although heavy rain can start falling around 5pm and 6pm

Almost the entire state is at risk of severe weather on Saturday, with Central Minnesota exposed to “reinforced” risks. The threat is greater for damaging winds, which can be stronger than the force of a hurricane, large hail, and possibly tornadoes.

Image source: CBS Credit: CBS

Although Minnesota is in the middle of a historic drought, there is also a chance of flooding. More than an inch and a half of rain is expected in central Minnesota through 7 a.m. Sunday.

Rain forecast until 7 a.m. Sunday (Credit: CBS)

With all the rain that has fallen in the past week, it would have to only fall one to two inches of rain in a six-hour period to cause flash floods.

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Sunday will be less wet and drier. Temperatures next week will be closer to average, in the 70s.


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