London flood news: Climate emergency ‘at our door’, warns Sadiq Khan after torrential rain

Date: 2021-10-05 16:30:32

The road on London’s A4 is flooded after torrential rain overnight

The impact of the climate emergency is at “our doors”, Sadiq Khan warned after London experienced more flooding.

The road was blocked and the tube was blocked on Tuesday due to torrential rains.

Over an inch of rain fell in parts of the city overnight, with St James’s Park being one of the most affected areas. According to the Met Office, it saw a total of 26 mm in just sixty minutes.

“Once again, we are seeing the impact of the climate emergency at our doorstep. In London we are moving forward in tackling this crisis, and I will continue to urge other politicians here and around the world to take the action that is desperately needed,” said the Mayor of London.

As a result of the rain, Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that there are “severe” delays on some underground lines.

Above ground, floodwaters hit tourist hotspots such as Knightsbridge, with firefighters making a presence there to unblock a creek.

Elsewhere, there is no service between Willesden Junction and Clapham Junction due to flooding at Imperial Wharf.

Meanwhile, an entire street has been submerged on the A4 near the Hammersmith flyover in west London.


Here is a dissemination of flood alerts and warnings in England currently issued by the Environment Agency.

(Environmental Agency screengrab)

There are only two warnings, meaning there is a potential for flooding – at the Keswick campsite and near Atherstone in Warwickshire.

However, 44 alerts are scattered across the country, meaning the public is advised to be prepared for possible flooding.

Andy Gregory5 October 2021 16:48


Climate change threats now ‘closer to home’, says mayor of London’s office

Responding to the London floods, a spokesman for Sadiq Khan has warned that the threats of climate change are growing “closer to home”.

He said: “Last night’s flash floods in some areas of London are causing concern and concern to many Londoners and it shows once again that the dangers of climate change are close to home.

“It remains a major priority for the Mayor and the leaders of the Council of London that more is done urgently to address the risk of surface water flooding and other impacts of the climate crisis.”

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 16:00


London floods: ‘exactly what we expect’ in climate crisis, hydrologists say

A leading hydrologist has said the floods seen in London are “exactly what we expect” as global temperatures rise.

Hannah Klok, a hydrologist at the University of Reading, said London Mayor Sadiq Khan was right to suggest that “everyone … is potentially in the firing line of climate extremes”.

“This type of flooding is exactly what we expect to see more as the climate warms. Heavy rainfall from slow-moving weather systems is expected to be one of the causes of more surface water flooding due to climate change. Chances are,” she said.

The hydrologist also said that government, local authorities, business and individuals needed to make infrastructure and homes “more resilient” to future floods.

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 15:45


Wetland center in Tyne and Wear closed due to floods

The Washington Wetland Center, a nature reserve in Tyne and Wear, has temporarily closed due to flooding at the site.

Wildlife site staff thanked the public for their concern, saying that all of its otters and birds are safe.

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 15:22


Video: Knightsbridge floods

Learn more about the floods that hit Knightsbridge in central London this morning.

NS evening standard Michael Howie took this clip of him going to work:

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 15:00


Flooding in northern England could last until Wednesday

The Environment Agency has said flooding in the north of England could continue until Wednesday.

Katherine Smith, Flood Duty Manager at the public body, said: “Working with our partners in local resilience forums, Environment Agency teams are on the ground to clear the grills and screens of waste, and provide flood protection, if needed. are ready for

“They are also ready to support local authorities in their response to surface water flooding.”

Scottish and Welsh agencies have also issued flood alerts for Edinburgh and Lothian, the Scottish border and parts of the North Wales coast.

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 14:36


Flood warnings across the UK

The Environment Agency said two flood warnings and dozens of flood alerts had been issued.

Flooding is expected in an area of ​​Keswick in the Lake District as well as parts of the Anchor River near Birmingham.

Meanwhile, more flooding is possible in areas such as London, the South-West and the Midlands.

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 14:17


The Met Office issued a rain warning for western Scotland on Thursday

The Meteorological Department has said that some areas of western Scotland could receive up to 150 mm of rain a day this weekend.

This is significantly more rain than the levels seen overnight in London.

As a result, the agency issued a yellow weather warning from Glasgow to Fort William between midnight and 3 a.m. on Thursday.

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 14:00


LFB pumps water from flooded premises

The London Fire Brigade is helping to get floodwaters out of the premises in Westminster, the local council has confirmed.

Earlier on Tuesday, Westminster Council said city inspectors were assessing damage to properties in parts of Knightsbridge, Bourne Terrace (W2), Oak Tree and Abbey Road (NW8).

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 13:43


latest weather update

Here is the latest weather forecast from the Met Office:

Rory Sullivan5 October 2021 13:20

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