Life-threatening flood warnings in Queensland and New South Wales after the deluge caused emergency rescue | Australian News

Date: 2021-11-11 05:35:00

The Meteorological Department has issued warnings against several potentially disruptive “dangerous and life-threatening flash flood” events. New South Wales Thursday is Queensland.

In New South Wales, a flood in the northern part of the state caused emergency rescue overnight, and state emergency services have already received nearly 200 requests for assistance.

BoM said Thursday afternoons and evenings had more heavy thunderstorms and heavy rains on Upper Hunter, a northern island in the central western and southwestern parts of the state.

The station also predicts heavy thunderstorms for the majority of Queensland“Today I’m going to deal with some form of stormy weather,” along with a fire and emergency warning in Queensland.

Dangerous weather is the result of low-pressure systems moving east from South Australia across New South Wales, troughs moving south from Queensland, and “very moist air masses” from the tropics. area.

In New South Wales, the northwestern slopes and northern and northern plateaus are expected to experience the heaviest rainfall and floods, totaling over 100 mm per hour.

Destructive wind damage is also predicted at the end of Thursday.

The area around the Guidil River, which is predicted to be flooded, suffered a major fall on Wednesday, recording 94 mm in Delangura and 76 mm near Narrabri on the northwestern slope.

Jane Golding, senior meteorologist at BoM, said it rained more than Narrabri received throughout November.

In Queensland, large-scale floods are predicted in the Darling Downs and Granite Belt areas, but heavy thunderstorms are expected in many other parts of the state.

In the 24 hours until Thursday afternoon, Wellinga Creek recorded 96mm of rain and 91mm of stanthorpe. BoM warned on Thursday that total rainfall every 6 hours could reach 150 mm in these areas.

Heavy rains and strong winds can also occur on Thursdays in Victoria and parts of SA.

“Heavy thunderstorms can also cause and produce localized heavy rains, which can lead to dangerous and life-threatening flash floods.” BoM’s warning said In both NSW and Queensland.

“Rain around the border between Queensland and New South Wales has already caused the river to rise, and flood warnings have been issued,” said Bon meteorologist Jonathan Howe. It evolves as water flows downstream. “

And how did you warn that harmful winds predicted as part of a thunderstorm could kill trees?

New South Wales paramedics Minister David Elliott said SES has received more than 190 requests for assistance since the Flood began on Wednesday.

SES has already been called for six flood rescues. Most of the requests for help came from people in the northeastern part of the state, but there were also storm-related calls from Sydney.

Daniel Austin, SES’s deputy commissioner, showed that an incident near Narrabri on Wednesday afternoon repeatedly warned people not to pass through flood waters, and SES was “encouraged. “.

Around 5:30 pm, an empty school bus and three 4WDs (including one with children) were caught on the road between the two soaring streams.

“They chose to stay there and not go through those floods,” Austin said.

“They called paramedics and we worked together to get rid of those people … that’s a really positive result that emphasizes what you can and shouldn’t do: go through the floods.”

According to Austin, a midnight rescue took place near Bingala, saving up to 30 visitors from danger in a flooded caravan park with four SES crew members.

“This is a fast-moving event in some places. The risk is not only due to long and slow rainfall, but also due to these sharp short thunderstorms,” says Austin.

“People throughout New South Wales have been warned for a few days … we are asking people across the state to take that into account and prepare,” he said.

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Life-threatening flood warnings in Queensland and New South Wales after the deluge caused emergency rescue | Australian News

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