It’s time for us to heed Mother Nature’s warning signs

Date: 2021-09-11 11:37:30

Hurricane Ida was a nonevent for Florida, but for other parts of the nation it was quite another matter.

Among the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall in the United States, Ida wreaked havoc from the Louisiana coast to New England. The storm could cost an estimated $95 billion, which is an astronomical number. But what cannot be calculated is the human cost.

Lives lost, of course, is the most devastating statistic, with some 60 souls confirmed dead across eight states. But there are other costs as well. In Louisiana, a place I know well, whole communities are not there anymore. These are places where residents for generations have doggedly survived storm after storm building back higher and higher hoping to escape the flood waters. They have lost or are losing the battle.

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