Hurricane warning issued for the United Kingdom, with winds and rain expected to hit the country in HOURS, according to fresh maps.

Date: 2021-10-10 04:52:30

Hurricane warning issued for the United Kingdom, with winds and rain expected to hit the country in HOURS, according to fresh maps.

As Hurricane Sam moves into the Atlantic, the UK is expected to be pounded by winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

According to forecasters, the hurricane might turn into a “tropical rainstorm,” delivering torrential rains to regions of the UK. Wind speeds as up to 62 mph might be felt in the southeast by Tuesday afternoon, according to maps.

According to Tyler Ros of AccuWeather, Hurricane Sam will “become a tropical rainfall just southeast of Newfoundland Labrador” on Tuesday.

“There is some dispute over where the center of Sam will go from there,” he continued.

“This following week’s midweek moving window might take Sam’s center to either Iceland or Scotland.

“I would suggest that regardless of the many solutions that are available, the most of them bring rain, maybe significant rain, to at least Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

“If the center of Sam moves closer to Scotland, the risk for severe wind gusts of above 50 mph to N. Ireland and Scotland will grow, and the rain will cover a larger area of the United Kingdom.”

Hurricane Sam’s rains “may reach London or stay to the north of the region,” Mr Ros added.

‘Aside from the rain that is expected in Northern Ireland and Scotland, rough surf along the western shores will be a problem,’ he added.

England and Wales have also issued flood warnings.

A flood warning has been issued for Keswick Campsite near Carlisle, as well as five flood alerts in the northwest and southeast.

In Wales, a flood alert has been issued for the Mawddach and Wnion Catchment, which has been warned of “possible isolated flooding.”

Hurricane Sam is expected to bring severe rains for the first full week of October, according to BBC Weather.

“Low pressure will tend to dominate proceedings throughout northern Europe, with high-pressure ether side over the North Atlantic and across northeast Europe and Russia,” the BBC reported in its forecast for October 4-10.

“For the majority of October, that should be the overall setup, but periodic alterations in the position of low pressure could have an impact on the UK.” One of these shifts could happen as soon as next week.

“From Monday to Thursday, further frontal systems are anticipated to surge in from the Atlantic, bringing heavy rain and strong winds once more – so there won’t be much difference.”

“However, high pressure may attempt to build during the rest of the week,” according to the Brinkwire Summary News.

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