Hurricane Ida kills at least 40 in northeast US as deadly flooding causes chaos

Date: 2021-09-02 23:36:31

Strong remnants of Hurricane Ida have claimed at least 40 lives in northeast US – including a 14-month-old autistic boy – as record rain fell in New York City, trapping people in apartments and in cars.

An autistic boy was killed alongside his immigrant parents in New York City as remnants of Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc across the east coast claiming at least 40 lives.

Fourteen-month-old Lobsang Lama died in his Queens home with his mum and dad after they were trapped by rapidly rising flood water.

Another eight people died when they became trapped in their flooded basements, New York City police said.

Floodwaters rushed through the underground subway, forcing many lines to close and people to flee from trains.

The record downpour saw New York City streets inundated with water and hundreds of cars, with some people inside forced to climb onto the roof as they waited to be rescued.

Social media video showed at least one car floating past a man close by on the roof of his car.

The severe weather forced the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a “ground stop” on all three airports in New York.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency only an hour after NYC Major Bill de Blasio announced one, labelling Ida as a “historic weather event”.

Part of the city had its first ever flash flooding emergency with the National Weather Service in New York warning it was not a common warning.

“This was an exceedingly rare event with 6-10″ of rainfall falling over a several hour period. Take these warnings (and emergencies) seriously!!”

Play at the  US Open was temporarily suspended as rain rushed in despite the stadium’s roof being closed with spectators and players fleeing for cover.

At least 23 were killed in neighbouring state New Jersey including five residents from an apartment complex in Elizabeth, Governor Phil Murphy said on Thursday (local time).

Officials in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have reported “multiple fatalities” but it is unclear at this stage how many locals have died.

A state trooper in Connecticut died after he was swept away by rising waters responding to a call about a missing person in a flood. 

He was later found and rushed to hospital but died on the way there. It has been reported he was member of the Connecticut State Police for more than 26 years.

Earlier this week, Ida made landfall as a category four storm in Louisiana with destructive 240 kilometre per hour winds.

There was extensive damage to homes and businesses and left millions of Louisiana and Mississippi residents in the dark, with no word on when power will be back.

Just in Louisiana alone Ida is estimated to have caused $18 billion in damage.

US President Joe Biden said his administration was “ready to provide all the assistance that’s needed” in response to Ida and the massive wildfire in California.

Hurricane Ida is the fifth most powerful storm to hit the US with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 one of the worst storms the country has seen with 1,800 deaths and causing an estimated $125 billion in damage.

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