Hundreds evacuated from homes as Queensland faces further flooding; Thirty year flood record smashed

Date: 2021-11-30 22:30:59

Police are preparing to evacuate a second Queensland town as floodwaters continue to rise.

Residents in Yalarbon, in the Goondiwindi region, will need to leave their homes for safety.

Meanwhile, residents have been allowed to return to the inundated Darling Downs township of Inglewood in Queensland after an overnight evacuation.
Waters peaked at over 11m in Inglewood. (9News)

The main street of Inglewood, tucked in a bend of a rising Canning Creek in the Darling Downs, was underwater this morning with police going door-to-door to ensure people left their homes safely.

The Macintyre Brook burst its banks, hitting 11.15 metres this morning and shattering a previous 1988 water level record of 10.5m.

It has now settled to 10.9m, and is expected to stay at a similar level through the day.

The town’s 950 residents were gathered at the local evacuation point by the cemetery, but have since been allowed back into the township, though roads are still underwater.

Some residents are still unable to get to their homes, with parts of the town inaccessible.

“It’s supposed to reach the levels of 1976,” resident Troy Callaghan said.

“Here, we’re just trying to save what we can.”

Some areas have received more than 100mm rain in just 24 hours.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services tweeted that the SES had received 320 calls for help in the past 24 hours.

Queensland floods
Residents have been allowed to return to Inglewood, though the town is still inundated. (9News)

The weather system has moved off-shore, but heavy rain is still expected.

Waters won’t peak around Goondiwindi until Friday.

More rain is expected today, with heavy falls until lunchtime along the Queensland coast north to Townsville.

More than 200 roads have been closed across the state.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Assistant Commissioner Stephen Smith has said flood risks are rising after heavy falls of rain.

Some parts of the state received up to 180mm of rain on already wet ground.

“There’s a risk across the vast majority of the state today,” Mr Smith told Today.

Currently, Inglewood and the Goondiwindi region are the most affected, he said.

He urged people to stay up to date on warnings and to be very careful if they had to be out on the roads.

“Unfortunately, we continue to see people getting themselves into situations driving through swift water and floodwater,” he said.

Queensland floods
The river peaked at over 11m. (9News)

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Jackson Browne said the widespread rain in south-east Queensland and northern NSW would start to “break down” today.

“We had a band of thunderstorms that was following this band of rain, so that will be the main weather feature today,” he said.

“So severe thunderstorms for those areas, unfortunately, that did see the rainfall.”

However, he said, the thunderstorms were smaller in size than the rain band, meaning less rainfall would enter the catchments.

Residents have gathered at the local cemetery. (9News)

Early yesterday morning, police added further force to the message, making an emergency declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act covering essentially the entire town.

“Significant flooding is expected to occur across the township in coming hours,” police warned.

“Residents are asked to take advice from emergency services on the ground and relocate to an assembly point at Inglewood Cemetery.”

Queensland floods
Police went door to door to ensure people were leaving safely. (9News)
Queensland police have declared an emergency situation in Inglewood due to expected flooding. (Queensland Police Service)

On Facebook, the Goondiwindi Regional SES called it a “mandatory evacuation”.

The Macintyre Brook catchment area was expected to reach the major flood level about 2am.

The Queensland town of Inglewood has been inundated with floodwaters.

Flooding inundates main street in Queensland town

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