Flood facts: Be prepared. Protect your valuables

As climate change continues to deliver unprecedented global weather events, flood prone regions are bracing for ever-worsening natural disasters.

While flood events are an inevitable fact of life, the consequences don’t have to be. Both individuals and communities suffer loss of life, property damage, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, and waterborne diseases.

We cannot stop floods; there will always be a residual risk of flooding in the future. However, we can manage this risk through a combination of measures including: applying and communicating lessons learned from past floods; improving land use planning and floodplain management; using improved knowledge and technology to enhance flood forecasting and warnings; and adopting smarter urban design and integrated water management.

Greater than


Greater than 80% of natural disasters in the last 10 years are due to floods, droughts and severe storms*

More than


million people were affected globally between 1998-2020*

Over USD


trillion in storm-related losses between 1998-2020*

How does a flood event occur?


River floods

Flooding can occur when flow rate exceeds the capacity of a river channel, causing waterways to overflow and damage surroundings.


Flash flooding

Low lying areas are prone to dangerous floods, with high volumes of water causing fierce flooding.


Severe Storms

Hurricanes and thunderstorms cause excessive rainfall, leading to an accumulation of water in low-lying regions.



Ocean-borne earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can lead to large, destructive waves, resulting in large-scale damage and loss of life.


Ice melting rising tides

Melting glaciers increase overall water levels & with no place to contain it, submerge large parts of land mass.

Global flood events are on the rise

Would you know what to do when disaster strikes?

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Are you prepared for a catastrophic flood event?

The likelihood of losing your home or business contents to a flood event are greater than ever.
The time to act is now.

Countries Most Prone To Urban Flooding

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