Historic Flood Warning In Sacramento County

Date: 2021-10-25 09:49:47

Many parts of the country are accustomed to the threat of disasters caused by bad weather. It’s our turn today. The National Meteorological Service today (10/24/21) reported that the current front, called the Explosive cyclogenesis, could move, dropping the second highest rainfall in Sacramento County’s history. Explosive cyclogenesis is defined as a storm that can intensify very quickly. This was intensified with a pressure of 24 millibars in 24 hours. According to the National Weather Service Projections, the current weather system could rain 4.86 inches in the next 24 hours. By comparison, the largest total was 5.28 inches, which fell due to the April 20, 1880 storm. If the National Weather Service’s forecasts are accurate, this storm gives the 1880 storm a run for its money.

As of 8:40 pm on Sunday night 24th, some areas of Elk Grove are closed or flooded. Northbound Big Horn Boulevard is closed at Hopewell, according to Elk Grove police. There are also private reports that the Grantlein vineyards have been flooded. In addition, floods are occurring in the canyons behind Mack Road and Center Parkway, and Laguna Estate near Franklin Road. Elk Grove Boulevard, a field near the elevated Franklin Boulevard. After the storm is over, perhaps on Monday, the Elk Grove Tribune will be updated further.

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