Henri brings some flooding to Danbury, but little damage

DANBURY — After minimal storm impact Sunday and early Monday morning, Danbury saw some flooding downtown.

Barriers were installed near the corner of Wooster and Main Streets, blocking cars from driving southeast on Main Street over standing water on the road.

“It’s a known hazard,” said Matthew Cassavechia, emergency services director. “The mayor has given the very clear direction that public safety is paramount.”

The city has dealt with flooding in the area for years because of infrastructure issues. But the flooding was likely preferred compared with what was initially predicted.

Tropical Storm Henri was downgraded late Sunday and by Monday morning, the storm brought periods of rain and to the Danbury area. At one point over the weekend, it was predicted the storm-turned-hurricane would make landfall between Bridgeport and New Haven, which could have brought devastating circumstances to the state including mass power outages and flooding. Instead, it made landfall in Rhode Island, making for a wet few days.

The minor flooding in Danbury meant about 30 cars parked in the lot for the Senior Center and Connecticut Institute for Communities Inc. buildings were trapped.

Crews built a temporary path for those cars to drive over, into an adjacent parking lot and onto the dry part of Main Street.

“It’s a facilitated forward movement of vehicles out of here,” Cassavechia said. “I’m not calling it an evacuation.”

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