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Date: 2021-11-05 08:44:08

Heavy rain is expected to hit the UK this weekend, prompting a flood warning, according to the BBC.

As downpours continue to batter the UK, the BBC has projected severe rain throughout the weekend, which might result in additional floods.

The UK will experience severe rain over the next two days, according to BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith Lucas. Some sections of the UK may see flooding as a result of the heavy rain. Despite the rain, temperatures are forecast to remain in the low to mid-teens.

Ms. Keith Lucas expressed her thoughts as follows: “If you have plans to be outside this weekend, the weather is a bit fickle.

“This weekend’s theme will be “unsettled.”

“Over the last few days, we’ve had a lot of heavy rain in several parts of the country, and there’s more rain in the forecast for the weekend.

“It’ll also be very breezy, and with that breeze, the rain will go through more quickly, so it won’t be caught in one spot.”:

Multiple weather fronts are expected to impact the UK in the coming days, according to the weather forecaster.

She stated, ” “This cloud front is delivering the rainy weather this morning.

“It is draped from north to south, with occasional heavy rain showers thrown in for good measure.

“Flood warnings are still in effect here as well.

“Throughout the day, the rain will move eastward, clearing the east coast of England and Scotland by the middle of the afternoon.”

On Saturday, temperatures are forecast to range between 10 and 15 degrees.

This mild weather has been described as being warmer than the previous several days, and it is expected to continue to be warm into the weekend.”

Finally, the BBC Weather forecaster said: “Saturday evening appears to be generally dry, with only one or two showers expected.

“That’s when the next region of low pressure will arrive in the second half of tonight.

“Northern Ireland, Wales, and the southwest of England are expected to see a lot of rain.

“For early Sunday morning, this will be accompanied with some intense gusty gusts.”

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