Heavy rain and storms are expected to slam the UK tomorrow, according to scary maps.

Date: 2021-10-03 12:33:45

UK weather warning: Heavy rain and storms are expected to slam the UK tomorrow, according to scary maps.

As the pleasant September weather comes to a dramatic end, torrential rain and thunder are expected to sweep throughout the country from Monday through the remainder of the week.

As a cold front sweeps over the country, forecasters across the country have warned of a “very unstable” week through Friday. After torrential downpours, thunder, hail, and flood warnings were issued ahead of a wet and cold week, the mild late summer weather observed in September has been formally put to rest. In the midst of the current energy crisis and soaring gas costs, a US forecasting group warned that Britain could be in for a colder-than-normal winter this year.

Today, Britons around the country have noticed a shift in the weather, with a cold front sweeping away the mild air that has dominated much of September.

A cold polar maritime air has replaced the warm front.

For many across the country, the shift in air mass signals the start of an unpredictable and fall week.

The “cyclonic trend will likely extend into October, bringing mostly unsettled conditions across the UK with a very general northwest to southeast split,” according to the Met Office’s long-range forecast.

DTN, a US forecaster, has backed his predictions of an extended cold period.

DTN’s early weather pattern modeling indicates that the UK and northern Europe will have a colder winter this year.

The charts also show evidence of the polar vortex decreasing, which aids in the movement of Arctic air.

Although it is too early to validate these predictions, the forecaster stated that the UK faces a “definitely bigger than typical possibility of a cold winter.”

Tuesday’s outlook calls for a mix of sunshine and blustery showers, according to the Met Office.

These will be particularly heavy and frequent in the north and west.

Across the central and southern United States, the downpours will combine and form prolonged heavy rain spells.

Weather will be unsettled from Friday through Friday, with the possibility of hail and thunder.

During the early part of this period, a low-pressure system to the north of the UK will dominate, bringing heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms to everyone.

More low-pressure systems are expected to produce organized bands of rain, some of which may be heavy at times, mixed with milder and showery intervals and occasional sunny spells.

“Brinkwire Summary News” predicts up to 1.2 inches of rain.

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