Flood warnings have been issued for Europe, with up to 250mm of rain expected to create havoc. » Brinkwire

Date: 2021-10-11 15:11:15

Flood warnings have been issued for Europe, with up to 250mm of rain expected to create havoc.

As portions of Europe are battered by torrential rains, the BBC has issued a flood warning.

Matt Taylor, a BBC weather forecaster, predicted up to 250mm of rain for Italy on Friday. He warned that heavy rains could cause floods in portions of Italy and the Balkans. Other portions of Europe are still dry, with temperatures above average in several places.

“We started this week with flooding in portions of France and western Italy,” Mr Taylor added.

“At the moment we are looking towards the east of Italy, the Balkans and possibly Greece.

“This graph depicts how rainfall totals will accumulate over the next few days.

“The stronger colors can be found in eastern Italy, northern Greece, and Albania.”

“We could see as much as 200-250mm of rain, which is why there is a flood risk.”

On Friday, the BBC Weather forecaster observed that the south west of Europe will get the heaviest rain.

However, the region’s temperatures are anticipated to remain warm.

“On Friday, there will be an area of low pressure circulating to the south of Italy,” Mr Taylor concluded.

“On the northern edge, strong winds will buffer areas of northern Italy, Croatia, and the northern Adriatic.

“However, the rain continues to fall across Greece, the southern Balkans, and the south and east of Italy.

“This is why the flood risk has grown.”

The weather in western Europe is significantly drier.

Before a fresh wet weather system sweeps in, temperatures in Central Europe will be just shy of 20°C.

“Much of western Europe will experience unusual October warmth,” the weather forecaster continued.

“Temperatures will be above average for the time of year, and the weather will be nice.”

“We still have the cloud and rain outbreaks in the extreme southeast of Italy, as well as areas of Greece and the Balkans, through Saturday.”

“However, many in the north and west are expecting dry weather.

“However, rain will fall in parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland.”

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