Flood warning in place for North Jersey counties

Date: 2021-09-09 14:15:00

Wet weather has been a summer theme in North Jersey, with heavy rainstorms hitting the region multiple times in a short span of time. One week after the remnants of Hurricane Ida slammed the area, more rain is passing through.

In his Wednesday briefing, Gov. Phil Murphy urged residents to heed any flood warnings.

“If your phone goes off with a flash flood or tornado warning, please take it seriously,” Murphy said. “Do not try to go out in any storm.”

The rain began Wednesday night, and has continued through Thursday morning, though it has not brought anywhere near the level of hazard as Ida, and things should stay that way even as it continues to fall.

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Still, there are flood warnings in effect, and naturally, hazards that come with those.

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Here is a breakdown of what to expect Thursday:

Flood warnings NJ

Flooding wreaked havoc on New Jersey last week, killing more than two dozen people statewide. Fortunately, water levels shouldn’t come near the heights reached during Ida.

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