Flood Overview – Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Date: 2021-10-06 03:53:49

Floodwaters are very dangerous. Water can be deep, fast flowing with strong currents and have sharp objects that can injure or trap you. Floodwaters can also contain toxic waste, chemicals and dangerous animals.  

Not only can floodwater endanger human life, it can also damage infrastructure such as buildings, bridges and roads.

Most flood related deaths have occurred when people have attempted to drive through, walk, swim or play in floodwater.  People have been seriously injured from debris or have drowned after being trapped in their vehicle or washed away in fast flowing water.

People who have taken action to be prepared for a flood before it happens are more likely to keep themselves, their families, their pets and their properties safe during a flood. Find out how to prepare for a flood.

Never try to drive or walk through a flood.

If you choose to drive through floodwater, you are choosing to risk your life and those of your passengers.

Find out more about travelling during a flood.

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