Flood alert issued after Merseyside was hit by “apocalyptic” waves

Date: 2021-11-07 11:10:32

People on Merseyside have been warned of strong winds and “potential wave overruns” in flood warnings.

Official flood warnings were issued last night in parts of Merseyside after tides were “higher than normal” and strong winds struck the area.

Areas most affected by strong winds include Marine Point Leisure and Retail Park, King Parade and Marine Promenade properties. New Brighton, Wirral..

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A flood warning was issued at 7:17 pm as a precautionary measure due to the risk of “waves could overflow” on the Wallasey embankment and the King Parade due to very strong winds.

People are on beaches, promenades, coastal sidewalks and roads this morning as the warning status on the official government website remains “expected floods” and large waves and sprays can be dangerous. You will be asked to be careful along.

As a result of high tide and warnings last night, the coastal road was closed.

Incident response staff closely monitor the situation and issue additional flood alerts as needed.

Images and footage taken from this area show that strong waves reach height and hit the tide wall, pouring into the New Brighton Promenade.

Rebecca Consientsie witnessed the scene in New Brighton last night and said he had never seen a “so big and so fierce sea” wave.

she said echo: “I thought it was rare to see the New Brighton flood warning, but the high tides and strong winds made the waves look apocalyptic.

“We were back in the car at a safe distance, but we could still feel the splashes of water hitting the walls and flooding the promenade.”

Flood warnings were issued in other parts of Merseyside at about the same time last night, but the risk of flood potential was much lower.

Flood warnings for the Irish Sea from New Brighton to Hoylake have been informed to people that high tides are expected to be “higher than normal” as a result of high tides and strong winds.

The official warning states: “Lowlands and roads from Hoylake to New Brighton at the top of Wirral ( Lee Sou When Wallasey..

“Because of the potential for waves to hit the Wallasey embankment and King’s Parade caused by very strong winds, a flood warning will be issued to the Irish Sea in New Brighton as a precautionary measure.

Further warnings from Liverpool and Wirral to the Margie Estuary Widnes This area was also set up because there was a higher risk of high tide than usual.

Alerts were issued based on the level reported in Hale Village “The lowlands and roads around the mouth of the Margie are likely to be flooded,” the warning said.

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