Flash flood warning prompts Murphy to caution residents

Date: 2021-09-08 18:33:45

One week after Ida brought major flooding and devastation to New Jersey, with more than two dozen deaths statewide, more storms and heavy winds are in the forecast Wednesday night.

Flash flood warnings are in effect across the region, and though the level of flooding is not supposed to be as severe as a week ago, there is still potential danger. During his weekly briefing, Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday implored people to pay attention to any warnings.

“If your phone goes off with a flash flood or tornado warning, please take it seriously,” Murphy said. “Do not try to go out in any storm.”

Murphy said people seemed to take flood warnings less seriously than tornado warnings, thinking they can be “better than the water.” But he cited the fact that all of the lives lost during Ida were a result of the floodwaters rather than the tornado that caused damage in Gloucester County. 

“I just have to beg all of us to take this as seriously as we can,” Murphy said. 

New Jersey State Police Col. Pat Callahan echoed the importance of paying attention to alerts.

“We just ask folks to certainly pay heed to that, to stay safe and to not have to be rescued,” Callahan said.

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