Flash Flood Warning Closed I-70 Through Glenwood Canyon

Date: 2021-09-03 23:51:48

Flash flood warnings in the area scarred by the Grizzly Creek fire have been closed off Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon.

The National Weather Service in Grand Junction issued a warning at 4:14 pm on Friday, valid until 7:15 pm

The Meteorological Department stated that thunderstorms have been producing heavy rain in the area and flooding is expected.

The warning states: “Excessive rainfall on the burn scars will cause mudslides to pass through the Glenwood Canyon area.” “Mudslides may be composed of rocks, mud, vegetation and other loose materials.”

This summer, due to landslide damage, the canyon has been closed to traffic many times. The weather warning is turned off to take safety precautions.

The State Department of Transportation announced the closure of the highway that was closed in both directions between Dotsero and Glenwood Springs.

Westbound motorists are advised to bypass Silverthorne, drive north on Colorado Highway 9 to Kremmling, and then drive west on US Highway 40 to Steamboat Springs (Steamboat Springs). From Craig, take Colorado Highway 13 south toward Rifle, then return to Interstate 70. Motorists driving eastward should change their route.

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