KrisisBag Features

Save your home and business contents during a flood

We have two types of Krisis bags in three sizes to best fit household furniture and personal items

  • Watertight: 2m/1.5m/1.5m
  • Watertight: 3m/2m/1.5m
  • Watertight: 500/500/500

We offer two choices at two prices

Krisis Flood Bag:

  • Waterproof zipper – Zipper rain proof only but fully watertight up to 1.4 metres high.
  • Super Krisis Flood bag – Fully watertight submerged using our watertight zipper and special heat-sealing mythology.

All Krisis Flood bags use fully watertight PVC material. Our bags are made from heavy-duty 750 gsm PVC material which is 100% watertight.

We use two types of zips – Zipper 1 is rain proof for high land flood zoned areas. These flood generally are below 1 metre Hight.

Zipper 2 is watertight fully submerged.

Krisis Flood Bags are 1.5m tall, in most cases the water level will not reach the zipper on top of the bag but if you are in a low land flood area we would recommend you invest in the Super Krisis Flood bags with the watertight zip.

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