Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a KrisisBag?
We are working with insurance companies that offer flood damage insurance coverage to supply KrisisBags to their policyholders. We recommend that you enquire with your own insurance provider.
How many KrisisBags do I need?
This will depend upon the volume of items you wish to protect. We recommend homes start with one bag of each size for each ground floor living space.
What are each KrisisBags’ size dimensions?
KrisisBags are available in three sizes:

  • Handy KrisisBag: 500mm x 500mm x 500mm (0.13m3). The Handy KrisisBag is designed to cater for small electrical and non-electrical items and can  be placed inside a larger size KrisisBag for extra protection.     
  • Regular KrisisBag: 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m (4.5m3). The medium KrisisBag is designed to cater for small to larger sized furniture and personal items.
  • Super KrisisBag: 3m x 2m x 1.5m (9m3). The large KrisisBag is designed to cater for medium to large sized furniture and personal items.
Is a KrisisBag fully watertight?
KrisisBags will remain watertight when submerged at depths of up to 1 metre, and for up to 14 days. This has been independently tested under International Standard IEC 60529 to the measure of IPX8. 

KrisisBag models are made from a 750gsm PVC material used for water tanks, while all joins are heat sealed for greater protection.

What is the best way to pack contents into a KrisisBag?
If your contents have sharp edges, these must be covered to prevent damaging to the bag. While the 750 gsm PVC material can withstand force, there is always the possibility of a sharp object piercing the material. 

Flat objects are better placed on the floor of the KrisisBag to create a base upon which other items can be placed. 

Be sure not to store breakable items such as glassware in a way that if the bag were to move due to a water surge, they would move in the bag and possibly break.

Do not overfill the bag. If you have too many items to store following the usage instructions, please purchase additional KrisisBags as necessary. Over-filling the KrisisBag will put added stress on the material joins and zip.   The zip must be able to be opened and closed without force or obstruction. Damage to the zip due to misuse will void the warranty. 

The zips are 100mm from the top of each KrisisBag. We recommend packing all items no higher than 10cm (4 inches) below the zip line to allow easy zipping.

Heavy items are best placed at the bottom of the bag, not the top, as this could cause the bag to topple over due to an unstable centre of gravity.


Can KrisisBag topple over in water?
If the KrisisBag is packed correctly  as instructed it will not topple over in water. The rectangular shape of the Standard and Super KrisisBag provides stability, while the anchor loops allow the bag to be tethered upright in a fixed position. The square shaped Handy KrisisBag can be prevented from toppling over by tethering securely, or placing it inside of a Standard or Super KrisisBag.
Where is the best place to pack and leave a KrisisBag in the event of a flood?
Your KrisisBag is best packed in the middle of the room. Moving all items to the central point should provide sufficient space to manoeuvre larger items without obstruction. Select the size of bag to be used based upon the volume of items you wish to protect. Do not reposition the bag with objects inside as this can cause damage to the bag’s base.    
Is there anything that should not be packed into a KrisisBag?
Yes. Sharp objects without protection over the edges must not be placed into the KrisisBag as it may cause puncturing.  

Corrosive chemicals such as bleach, acids, cleaning products which may spill or rupture in the bag must not be packed into a KrisisBag. 

Given that KrisisBags are watertight to International Standard IPX8, will the air remaining in the bag create a problem when the bag is submerged?
While KrisisBags are watertight to international standard IPX8, it is best to get as much of the air out of the KrisisBag before you zip it up. This will mitigate excess air pressure being applied to the zips and seams which may compromise the KrisisBag’s watertightness.  
KrisisBags are NOT safe for children!
KrisisBags are airtight and must not be used as a toy. They must be kept away from children to prevent any risk of suffocation.
How heavy are KrisisBags?
Super KrisisBag (0.13m3): 27kg including the outer carry bag for protection.

Standard KrisisBag (4.5m3): 20kg including the outer carry bag for protection.

Handy KrisisBag (9m3): 5kg including the outer carry bag for protection.

Where is the best place to store KrisisBags when not in use?
We recommend that your KrisisBags are stored in the outer blue carry bag, at room temperature, in a dry space, free of rodents or insects. Always fold and store your KrisisBag in the supplied outer bag to prevent foreign matter from contaminating the zip and possibly causing damage. 
Are KrisisBags easy to set up?
Simply follow the easy step by step guide included with every KrisisBag for easy set up. Always remember when unfolding the bag to point the end of the zip towards the area in your room with the greatest space for ease of mobility. 

KrisisBags should always be placed on a flat surface to prevent unnecessary stress on the seams. Ensure you have all sides pulled out and start planning what you will put into the KrisisBag. We recommend placing flat objects on the base of the bag first and building up from there.

Should I practice putting content in the KrisisBag before storing them away
No, we do not recommend that you practice filling your KrisisBag before you need to. This may cause wear and tear and may lead to unnecessary damage. KrisisBags are designed to be used prior to genuine flooding events only.
How many times can a KrisisBag be used?
KrisisBags are designed to be single use only and must never be reused for flood protection purposes.
How do I dispose of my used KrisisBag?
While KrisisBags are made from recyclable materials, recycling services differ from region to region, so always check with your local governing body before putting your KrisisBag in household recycling.
Are KrisisBags available worldwide?
Yes. KrisisBag is proudly Australian owned and distributed globally.
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