Drying out for the rest of the holiday weekend – Nick

Date: 2021-09-05 03:45:00

Good Saturday evening, everyone. Mother Nature kept true to her word and kept good chances for rain and t-storms around the area through today. On the other hand, our frontal system that brought the rain chances in gave most of us a chance to cool down after our hot Friday afternoon. On the heels of highs pushing into the lower to middle 90s on Friday, we dropped to 75° to start the day out. With plenty of cloud cover working through, a shifting wind out of the north and the continued rain chances, we only saw highs in Joplin push into the middle 80s this afternoon.

As for rain, our northern counties picked up the bulk of the rainfall from this morning. You can see how the radar estimates showed those areas picking up anywhere from 3 to 7 inches of rain from last night and this morning alone. That led to some flash flooding this morning. However, that left a flood warning still in effect for much of Allen County until noon Sunday since some area roads in the northern part of the county are still dealing with some floodwater. In addition, the Neosho River and parts of the Osage and Little Osage will be running a bit high through early next Wednesday. With late afternoon and evening rain in our southern counties, that brought the area wide average amount of rainfall to 1.3 inches.


Breaking down our weather setup, we’re seeing our cold front continue to push to the southeast. As it continues on, that will take the last of the rain chances out of our southern counties as we head into the overnight. That will certainly set us up with a nicer, drier and warm Sunday across the area.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, the last of our passing upper-level wave helped to fuel some isolated showers and t-storms late this evening. Once that clears out, we’ll enjoy the milder side of the jet to wrap up the rest of our holiday weekend.


The Future Track is doing a great job of clearing the last of our rain chances in our southern counties as we continue into the overnight. With a northeast breeze behind the front and skies starting to turn partly cloudy across a good portion of the area, that will result in lows dropping into the middle 60s to start our Sunday morning out.


The rest of our Sunday is looking pretty good. With partly sunny skies in control and northeast breeze staying light behind our cold front, we’ll enjoy temperatures in the upper 70s around the noon hour and highs around 83° across much of the area.


For Labor Day, our weather setup will still look pretty good. With us still on the milder side of the jet, mostly sunny skies and a light south breeze, we’ll have temperatures go from lows in the lower 60s to highs around 87° on our Monday.


We’ll briefly head back to the hotter side of the jet for Tuesday. With low humidity and some partly sunny skies, we’ll go from lows in the middle 60s to highs near 90°. I’ll keep an eye out for another front that will pass through Tuesday night. While it might bring a random or shower or two for a few spots Tuesday night, it’ll keep us in good shape for Wednesday. With us back on the milder side of the jet for Wednesday, we’ll have lows in the middle 60s and highs in the middle 80s.


The nice weather sticks with us for Thursday. With mostly sunny skies and low humidity, we’ll have lows start around 61° and highs eager to climb back near 87° during the afternoon. Once we get into next weekend, though, that’s when another upper-level ridge starts to edge in. You can see how the center of that ridge wants to set up over the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles. While it may not pack much in the way of humidity, that will keep us mostly sunny to start next weekend out. It will also keep us hot with highs near 90° on Friday and 95° for Saturday.


Have a good night and a great Sunday!




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