Copeton Dam in north spills for first time in nine years | The Land

Date: 2021-11-24 09:16:25

Copeton Dam, the main water reservoir on the Gwydir River, has spilled for the first time in nine years after large inflows from recent rain events.

The dam filled late yesterday and started spilling down the gorge.

Copeton Dam storage was receiving inflows of around 30 GL/day on Tuesday, down from a rate of 100 GL/day on Monday. “With adequate storage capacity to capture most of these inflows, there are no immediate plans to increase releases,” WaterNSW said.

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It’s currently releasing 5GL/day.

WaterNSW was continuing to monitor conditions and manage airspace releases in line with weather advice from the Bureau of Meteorology.

“With the Bureau of Meteorology continuing to forecast a climate outlook that “indicates rainfall over the coming months is likely to be above average” WaterNSW will continue to make airspace releases as required.”

“With dam storage levels high, most catchments saturated and wetter than average weather conditions forecast by the Bureau for the near future, WaterNSW is monitoring rain forecasts and making releases to increase storage capacity to capture inflows as required.”

  • Video courtesy of Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association, photos from WaterNSW.

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