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Date: 2021-11-04 16:16:32

  • Significant coastal flooding will affect parts of the Southeast coast into this weekend.
  • Parts of the South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida coasts will be most impacted.
  • Much of Florida will also get a soaking Friday.

Major coastal flooding is expected along parts of the Southeast coast as a Florida soaking evolves into a weekend coastal storm.

High pressure will build into the Northeast the rest of this week as low pressure tracks from the Gulf of Mexico to off the Southeast coast by Saturday. This difference in pressure will drive northeast winds along the Southeast coast. The low pressure will also deliver a Friday soaking for much of the Sunshine State.

Tides will be higher than normal at the same time onshore winds are blowing due to the alignment of the new moon with the moon’s closest approach to Earth. These tides are known as the perigean spring tides.

Fortunately, this coastal flooding will be minor in the mid-Atlantic. It will happen primarily with Friday morning’s high tide from New Jersey to North Carolina. In these areas, it will be nothing close to the magnitude of last week’s coastal flood event.

However, major coastal flooding at high tide is forecast at times into the weekend from parts of the South Carolina coast to Georgia. Significant coastal flooding is also forecast to occur as far south as northeast Florida, including the Jacksonville area.

Coastal flood alerts (warnings, watches and advisories) have been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for all of these locations.

Beach erosion, high surf and dangerous rip currents will also affect much of the Southeast coastline the next several days.


Charleston, South Carolina, is forecast to see major coastal flooding with the Friday morning and Saturday morning high tides.

At these levels, widespread flooding occurs in downtown Charleston leaving numerous roads flooded and impacting some structures, according to the National Weather Service.

At least minor to moderate flooding is forecast in Charleston with the Thursday morning high tide and multiple evening high tides into the weekend, as well.

Along the Georgia coast, flooding through the next few mornings may reach levels high enough to inundate some parts of Tybee Island.

Saturday morning’s high tide at Ft. Pulaski could reach levels measured during an October 1947 Category 2 hurricane, possibly inundate highway 80 between Tybee Island and Savannah and flood buildings on Tybee Island, according to the National Weather Service.

Significant coastal flooding is forecast along the northeast Florida coast, including around the Jacksonville area. Moderate to major coastal flooding is expected along the Atlantic coast of northeast Florida with the Saturday morning high tide. These areas could see an inundation of 2.5 to 3.5 feet above normally dry ground, according to the NWS.

Additional coastal flooding is possible along the Southeast coast into Sunday, perhaps even Monday, along this part of the Southeast coast.

Rainfall could enhance the coastal flooding threat in some areas. For now, the best chance of at least 1 inch of rain from this system is in the Florida Peninsula.

The Southeast coast might be spared from the potential of heavy rainfall, but it’s too early to be certain.


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