All flood alerts canceled or expired for KVOE listening area – d2430

Date: 2021-09-05 08:16:04

The risk of widespread flooding is apparently ending, but part of the KVOE listening area could have issues through mid-afternoon Saturday.

Northeast Greenwood County, including Eureka, Eureka Airport, Eureka City Lake, Hamilton, Thrall and Virgil, were in a flood warning which expired at 4 pm.  As much as 5.5 inches of rainfall fell in Greenwood County from midnight to mid-afternoon.

The flood watch for Chase and Greenwood counties, set to expire at 7 pm, was canceled around noon. A flash flood watch for Lyon, Coffey, Morris, Osage and Wabaunsee counties expired on schedule at 1 pm.

Flooding has been minimal in Lyon County. So far, just one county road — 260 between G and H-5 — has been reported as covered by water. Greenwood County has had several county roads covered by water in low-lying areas and some streets covered by water in Eureka, but that water is all receding as of early Saturday afternoon. In Morris County, water washed out a culvert near the intersection of Roads 300 and M northeast of Council Grove. That road is closed for repairs.

For the second straight day, area residents had impressive to heavy rainfall totals.

Emporia totals

*KVOE studios: 1.1 inches Saturday, 1.75 inches Friday
*Emporia Municipal Airport: inches Saturday, 1.82 inches Saturday, 0.48 inches Friday
*10th and Weaver: 0.85 inches Saturday, 1.85 inches Friday
*Deerbrook Addition: 2.5 inches Saturday, 1.5 inches Friday

Area totals

*Burlington: 3.53 inches
*Eureka: 4.48 inches Saturday
*Gridley: 2.85 inches Saturday
*Hamilton: 5.5 inches Saturday, 1 inch Friday
*Neosho Rapids: 2.25 inches Saturday, 0.95 inches Friday
*Reading: Up to 1.25 inches Saturday, up to 4.25 inches Friday
*Thrall: 5.04 inches Saturday
*Virgil: 5.57 inches Saturday
*Wonsevu: 2.77 inches Saturday

Friday totals

*Hammond Heights: 1.7 inches
*Ninth and Burns: 3 inches
*1700 block of Wheeler: 1.9 inches
*Bethel Corner: 2.2 inches
*Coronado Avenue: 1.7 inches
*South and Sylvan: 1.5 inches
*Allen: 3.5 inches
*Americus: 3.75 inches
*Bushong: 3 inches
*Cottonwood Falls: 1.2 inches
*Council Grove: 5.5 inches
*Gridley: 1.3 inches
*Lake Kahola: 3 inches
*Olpe: 1.6 inches
*Osage City: 2.31 inches
*Reading Lake: 4.4 inches
*Saffordville: 3 inches
*Strong City: 2.13 inches
*Thorndale: 2.65 inches
*Road 270 and P: 4.75 inches

7-10 am Saturday: Flood related warnings and watches in effect as rainfall continues throughout KVOE listening area Saturday

Light to moderate rainfall has been ongoing in the KVOE listening area through the overnight and early morning hours and it appears it is not done yet.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jenni Pittman tells KVOE News that the heavier rainfall will likely be occurring in the early to mid-morning hours. A flood warning is currently in place for Greenwood County until 1 pm Saturday.

This comes on top of a flash flood watch affecting Lyon, Coffey, Morris, Osage and Wabaunsee counties until 1 pm and a flood watch for Chase and Greenwood counties until 7 pm Saturday. Pittman says the warnings and watches are not only in response to the coming rainfall but the combination of Saturday’s rain chances coupled with totals over the past several days.

She says flooding scenarios can escalate quickly following multiple days of continuous rainfall accumulation.

Since Friday, the KVOE studios has received 2.5 inches of total rainfall including 0.80 inches of rainfall since midnight.

So far, there have been no reports of widespread flooding in the listening area, however, the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office reports some ditches are beginning to fill up on North Kansas Highway 99 near the Greenwood Lyon County line.

Area rivers and streams have remained in their banks with no advisories indicating chances of major flooding, however, Pittman says that can change quickly depending on the level of accumulation from impending showers. In addition to the continued rain chances Saturday, scattered thunderstorms are also likely. Severe weather is possible, however, unlikely Saturday.

If you have rainfall totals be sure to message KVOE at, Facebook @KVOENews, Twitter @KVOEAM1400 or call text the Bluestem Farm and Ranch text line at 620-342-5863.

Be sure to stay with KVOE, and KVOE social media for updates throughout the Labor Day weekend — and if you come across a flooded road, be sure to “turn around, don’t drown.”


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